Time Saving Apps in USA – Convenience at your fingertips

With the world progressing so quickly all of us are always looking for new and upcoming apps to make our lives easier and cost-effective. These days, the Internet is flushed with apps designed to benefit everyone, however not all apps deliver on it. Being more productive with your time and being cost-effective is something we talk a lot about and these apps do exactly that.

I have put together some apps which I use for my chores and to save time.

1) Parking Like a Pro — We all know how difficult it is today to find a parking spot in the city let alone the thought of parking incorrectly and getting a ticket. There are many apps such as SpotHero, ParkWhiz, and Parking Panda which allow you not only to track down a parking spot closest to where you would like to go but also reserve it for you. They send you a parking pass with directions to guide you there and also offer discounts and special offers. And all this without the hassle to worry about getting a ticket.

2) Grocery/Products shopping — On a snowy day or rainy day or even simply to save time, ordering your grocery from the comfort of your home is now possible. Shipt and Instacart allow you to shop for groceries/products from various grocery stores and procures them for you and delivers it at your footstep for a membership cost. While services such as Instacart and Shipt will bring you fresh produce to your doorstep, Google Express is more focused on dry goods such as cereals, canned foods, and coffee. You can also use your Amazon Prime membership to shop for groceries at no extra membership fee. And all this can be received within just 2 hours with just a click away.

3) Food Delivery Apps — Apps like GrubHub, Doordash, Seamless and UberEats are great if you want your food delivered to you at your doorstep. All you need to do is enter your location and it will show you a list of restaurants which will deliver to your location. You can pick your favorite restaurant from that and order it at your doorstep. You can also save delivery locations, such as work or home, to speed up the process. Hosting a party and need alcohol delivered to your doorstep ? You can order it now at your doorstep on Drizly.

4) Laundry Apps — If you aren’t lucky enough to have an in-home washer and dryer, laundry day can be a real pain. It’s not an enjoyable chore under the best of circumstances, but having to haul a heavy bag to a laundromat is arduous and time-consuming. With these apps, you can have a little bit of that laundry room luxury (and your freshly cleaned clothes, of course) delivered right to your door. Apps like Cleanly, DRYV, Rinse, Tide Spin and Boomerang NYC allow you to simply schedule your delivery pick up time and drop time and an employee will be there to pick up the laundry. They also take any special care instructions on the app and the payment is also taken care off on the app itself.

5) Household Chores Apps — We all know how time-consuming, tedious and boring chores can be for most of us. There are many home cleaning services apps now available such as Merry Maids use eco-friendly products and will wash your dishes, do your laundry, fold your clothes, make your bed, and take out your trash and recyclables. TaskRabbit too is a one-stop shop which offers which offers services like assembling furniture, cleaning, lifting and moving, delivering potted plants, etc.

6) Restaurant Reservations – We all know how annoying it gets to make a dinner reservation at a restaurant and the number is constantly engaged. Making a reservation is so much easier with Open Table and Resy online apps. The best part is you can also share the reservation with your friends and everyone can add it to their calendar. And that’s not it, you can add your name to the waitlist if you do not get a reservation and if there is any cancellation you are immediately notified.

7) Splitting Bills with Friends – When you are out with friends sharing expenses can get tricky especially if you go out regularly or taking a trip. It gets difficult to keep tab of all the expenses made and how much you owe or need to receive back. Splitwise is a great app that helps you tab who owes who what. Venmo is another great app to send or receive money to your friends that you owe or need to receive money from without any hassle.

8) Water Delivery – If you are looking to add a water dispenser and water delivery to your home or office Ready Refresh is a great app. They do both one time delivery as well as recurring deliveries and also have services to clean the water dispenser periodically.


How to Create your own Gallery Wall

A gallery wall lets you tell your story and is a fun way to add to the decor of the house. I have always wanted to add a personal touch to my home with pieces we collected over time but renting does not always make it easy. I have always liked the place to be more inviting and cozy and not be an eyesore. I couldn’t think of a better way than a gallery wall to do all that. Sharing a few tips with you for getting the gallery wall look.

Firstly, I would suggest to get some craft paper from any local arts and crafts store and trace any frame you wish to use on the craft paper and cut it to size. This really comes in handy so that your gallery wall looks like you envisioned, you have even gaps between your pieces and your pieces are not crooked or crammed.

I cannot stress this more but do not be in a hurry to create a gallery wall. Carefully curate pieces of art that matter and appeal to you or tell your story to give it a personal touch. They can be a mix of photos, art prints, mirrors, postcards from your favorite vacations, gifts you have received which matter to you, drawings, wall planters, love letters, license plates, antiques, medallions, writing pads, dates or numbers that have a special meaning, baskets or platters and plates, your first house keys, etc. The opportunities to get creative are endless.

Now lets get started:

  1. Move any furniture to the side for the wall you plan to use to put up the gallery wall so that you have enough space to hang your pieces freely.
  2. If you are moving any furniture make sure that you mark the area using the painters tape so that you are aware about the space you have to work with.
  3. Lay your art work on the floor and play around with the colors and layout till you are happy with it. A tip would be to anchor your favorite or biggest art in the centre and then slowly work the other artwork around it. Do not be afraid to try out different layouts as there are no real guidelines or rules to create a fun gallery wall.
  4. Remember that is it not necessary to have all your artwork in the same color palette however a tip would be to tie it in with the color scheme of your house or room you are doing it in so that they compliment each other.
  5. Once you have the art work you like, using the painters tape apply the craft paper on the wall and step back and view it from various areas in your room. Check that the sizes of the pieces balance each other out well and make any small adjustments that are needed.
  6. Hang your pieces and remove the tape once you are done. If you are living in a rented space like me you can use Command strips to stick your artwork to the wall without damaging the wall. Move your furniture back into its place, and you are done!

Things I Used for My Gallery Wall

1) Writing Paper Clip . I got it from Staples and it cost me around $5 for the A4 size.

2) Our First car and State’s License Plate

3) Our First Anniversary Dinner Menu – I got it framed from a local framer here (Frugal Framers) and it cost me $30.

4) A fun Caricature from our trip – I got it framed from a local framer here (Frugal Framers) and it cost me $45.

5) Life is a Beautiful Ride with LED Lights frame.I purchased this frame from A.C.Moore for less than $20.

6) A Poem my husband wrote and gave me on my first birthday with him – I printed the poem on the special paper of my liking and clipped it on the writing paper clip I purchased from Staples.

7) Love Frame. I purchased this frame from A.C.Moore for less than $20.

8) A Vintage looking mirror with the quote – Every Love Story is beautiful, But ours is my favorite. I purchased this frame from Cost Plus World Market for $30. Here is a link of the same.

9) Pictures of our Personal memories – Pre Wedding Celebrations in Mumbai, India (Where our Journey began), of our Honeymoon in New Zealand and of Snowy Chicago, our first home.

I used to get these pictures printed and loved the quality and the final pictures. I printed the 3 pictures for around $100 as I got a 25% discount on my first order.

The best part about Gallery walls is you can add pieces or take away pieces as you go on to make them relevant to your life. So get creative and have fun creating your own gallery wall.

Here is a picture of another Gallery Wall I recently created!

TV Unit Gallery Wall