About Me

Hi, I am Hiral. My Bite of Life is a jukebox of all the things I love – Travel, Food, Fashion and Life. Born and brought up in Mumbai (India), I moved to USA in 2017. Back home, I used to blog about food, new restaurants/bars in town, must go to places, trips to take etc. When I moved to USA, I continued following my passion: visiting places around the world, looking for unique and interesting places to eat and drink and exploring them in style.  

Since childhood my parents have instilled in me that – “If you haven’t traveled, you haven’t lived.” Travel has since then been an integral part of my life with food holding a special place in my heart. I enjoy trying delicious, exotic foods from all around the world. I am more of a person who believes in the philosophy of – I live to Eat! and not I eat to live. I believe in traveling in style. Styling for me is creating looks which are comfortable yet stylish and can be bought without breaking the bank. 

I also enjoy decorating and keeping my home stylish and organized by adding my own personal touch to it. I do so by sometimes creating my own corner, my personal wall, putting together décor pieces, organizing and much more!

It is this love for travel, food, fashion and life that I wish to share with you through My Bite of Life!